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Chris Aruwa

Leaning on my coaching and technical experience, I am proactive, a team player and comfortable in multi-tasking environment. My upbeat demeanor helps build rapport with clients while offering exquisite services. My passion is to help people.


02/2001-11/2009 Apple Canada, Vancouver, BC Genius • Working knowledge of Apple operating systems, OS 8.5+ • Troubleshooting hardware and software • Customer retention, and relationship repair with the company. • Mechanical and computer repair: receiving allocation and documentation BGI/Minacs/AdityaBirla Minacs, Peterborough, ON Technical Customer Service Representative • Virtual sales and services • Virtual troubleshooting computer issues with customers


• Developed working knowledge of Apple operating systems, OS 8.5+ • Product Champ for Apple operating system, OS 10.4-10.5 • Designed and built a 16bit microcontroller • 3D Printing: design and maintenance of 3D printed plastic products and printer maintenance • Self-taught blender, a 3D design app for purposes of modelling 3D products for printer. Administration • Conducted process evaluation as Quality Monitoring Analyst. • Provided on-going suggestions on improving morale and tackling issues of unusual nature. • Effectively maintain parts used during computer repair and note keeping. Customer Service • Positive responses routinely with top score top in customer satisfaction • Address inquiries and resolve concerns promptly • Excel in technical service queues, Education, Legacy, Wireless MultiMedia, CPU, Tier 1 and 2. Management • Pioneered the Tech Coach position and • Supported Team Leader tasks and responsibilities.


Trent University Computer Science Logic and Philosophy, database design, software analysis, debugging. C++ and Java coding. Sir Sanford Fleming College Electro-mechanical Engineering Technologist Diploma AutoCad, programmable logic controllers, robotic cell design, electric motor design and control Metallurgy, microcontrollers, hydraulic design, and safety.


Gallery Volunteer Coordinator: Peterborough Arts Umbrella Created and maintained database of artists and volunteers.

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